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Realm of infinite heros is a roleplay forum base on all original characters. keep it pg-13 and have fun
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 The Shadow Knight

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PostSubject: The Shadow Knight   Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:08 pm

real name- Jonathan Bilodeau
age- 31
alias- Shadow Knight
base of operation- Bern City
weapons- martial arts & katana
Vehicle- a midnight black ninja motorcycle

back story
In a world where superhero are just in comics there is a ray of hope. On a normal day our soon to be hero goes to visit his father at the lab he works at. His father is working on a way for car exhaust and factories to billow out clean breathable air instead of smog. in a bad lab explosion our hero lost his father but gained the ability to have a gas form which allows our hero to become almost transparent.
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The Shadow Knight
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